Today is all you have: Right Now

I used to be afraid of the past, absolutely terrified, I avoided it and never wanted to talk about it, I knew it was gone so it’d be no use talking about it, why waste what we have on something we had? And then things came crashing down and I landed there. To be honest, I am tired of it. There is nothing good in the past no matter how much it seems like it, it didn’t last. Today, no matter how heavy it is is the one day you have and will ever have. No matter how much you try and strategize, I promise you it will not be revitalized. Some of the blessings may come back around and multiply by ten, that is something I believe deeply and firmly in my heart, but the actual substance and magic of whatever event you are thinking about, won’t. It’s not supposed to, it’s not meant to. You have to actually put your foot in front of the other, wake up and say, ‘I am choosing to let go of yesterday. It has no power of me, no matter how good it seems, no matter how much I have messed up, no matter how much I think there were better opportunities, you have to move on. The best way to create something is to focus on it today. Yesterday has no power over you. Yesterday is only meant to teach how well you want tomorrow to go. I hope you wake up today and you shine. I hope you realize that you have not been ripped of your life. I hope you see all the good energy. I hope you realize your potential and above all, I hope you see how much promise today holds. I hope you see how much love you still have and I hope you see that only by moving forward we begin to get the life we want and deserve. Wishing you an amazing day, because today, today is all you get, today is all you have. Conquer the day. It is yours.


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