Starting Over: Finding New Light

Starting over can be hard. It feels like when you break up with someone, you know you should be over them, you shouldn’t see them anymore but once in a while you can’t help but to think about them, wonder how they’re doing; eventually you move on and realize there is more to life out there and then one day you find your happiness and realize God’s plan was good all along. That’s what this blog feels like. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but I kept starting it, deleting it, starting it, deleting it then finally I was like, it needs to be born because it makes me happy and that matters more than anything. You happiness is critical. When you betray yourself, you betray everyone around you. When you forget who you are, you do a disservice to the world. When you decide not to pursue your truth, you rid the world of your gift. I think back to the time I was happiest and it was writing my blog. When your truth becomes hard to tell, you hide. I wrote about it in a letter before I peaced out. When you become afraid of the truth, it becomes easy to want to put on a cover and go out into the world, but that cover will eventually need to come off. There are things about you no one knows. There are gems hidden inside of you that we keep tucked in. There are parallel worlds, one where we show up as what we think we should be and other rooms where we show up as we are; the ones we show up as we are are usually places of privacy, we only show a select group of people, maybe friends, but in that is truth, in that is the real you, in that you find an immense amount of life for everyone in this life. One thing I have learned, you can have dance recital, music lessons, a job, a family and kids and still no life and the opposite, you can have all the time to yourself and still no life. Life is something that fills you on the inside and pours out into this world. It isn’t something you acquire, it isn’t something you gain, it’s something you have inside of you. And when we make that little thing come to life, when we find our light, we find our life. Tonight, I hope you find a tiny glimpse of hope, a sense of light, a thing that brings you life. Something that makes you happy, for no other reason than that; it makes you happy. Don’t hide who you are; you were born for something far greater than what the eyes can see.


Have an idea what I should write about? Comment in the sections below. See an error? Tell me 🙂


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