There is a God given Gift for Your Energy

Have you ever felt your energy change? Suddenly the things that interested you don’t bring you to life anymore? Maybe the places that used to make you jump with joy all of a sudden aren’t the same? I had that happen recently and I couldn’t take the change, it itched me all over; I’m good at change but ‘this does not feel like the place for me.’ Things don’t have to ‘feel like it’ to be it. “I definitely should be doing more” I’d say to my gut and so I decided to take a little detour and go after what I ‘thought I should be doing,’ and that went completely haywire and I ended up missing my exit, meaning my energy was all over the place. Sometimes our energy shifts as a way to show us our next step, where we should go this time. Sometimes God closes those doors to show us our next move, but we can be so consumed in how this makes us feel that we forget the larger purpose in store. It is time to move, it’s time to move along. One of the biggest signs of this is when relationships close and doors swing shut, you’re like, ‘but I can be xyzzy,’ although you know you’re drained. You feel it’s time to go but you keep insisting. Your mind is exhausted and so you keep trying until you’re like, ‘I can’t do this.’ One of the biggest signs of this is when things start getting moved or removed from your life externally. When things started to fall apart on the outside at a point in my life I believed that maybe these were things I would write about one day but now I see how those things were meant to further drive me inward, to make me realize my gift a little stronger and to remind me to focus back on this present moment. Sometimes events in our life can cause panic and anxiety and fear, but if we constantly let them push us further inward, we can solve just about anything. Today, if you feel a shift of energy, listen to it. Let it guide you, don’t be afraid of where it will take you, just be open to the energy guiding you. Listen. Take a minute to breath and real yourself back to this moment. Don’t waste the energy, let it guide you to your next move.

In this moment, you are safe, nothing is bothering you but your own mind. In this moment, you have everything you need to be free, listen. No matter what has happened around you or to you, it has no power over you. Take a breath and realize your peace. Nothing happening around you has power over you. Be who you are, not how you think you should be. Things are going to be okay. Listen to that energy. Listen to that peace.


Have an idea what I should write about? Comment in the sections below. See an error? Tell me 🙂 


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