Can someone shop for me?

I remember the first time I entered the grocery store as a human out of school. I wanted to collapse. The last thing I wanted to do in that moment was be around food and have to pick out things I was going to cook. Lords blessing, I love food but cooking and having to put together a meal is difficult for me. It challenges me and makes me question my beliefs. Nonetheless, I did it. I had to, I had no choice, what would I eat, what would everyone at home eat? Fast forward, and I’m okay in a grocery store but I still question my meals and what to eat. I remember the feeling of absolute despair come over me in the grocery store because having to do something new, having to do something that is uncomfortable and makes you feel out of your nature can hurt you, it can haunt you, but you have to do it. I think that’s why sometimes we forget to grow because, ‘it doesn’t feel like us.’ Maybe someone won’t recognize us anymore? But at the end of the day, it’s better to let go, let in something that makes us uncomfortable and pursue what makes us happy than to think about the thoughts and opinions of someone else. It’s better to grow then to remain bundled up and afraid, because no one hurts when you hold fear but you. No one gets hurt when you choose not to grow, only you. This New Year I hope you go after one thing that may not ‘feel like you’ but one thing that you want to do and have been dying to try. I hope you do that thing, learn from it and keep growing and trying everything you hold dear. I hope you keep your faith near. <#



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