2018: Pursuing Truth

At 21, I had multiple women in my ear urging me to ‘pursue my truth.’ I didn’t understand. Isn’t that what I did? Isn’t that what I’ve always done? Then I diverted from it and felt their message even stronger than ever.

I remember one of the woman, a good mentor, sat me down, looked at me in the eye and said, “Cynthia, at 21, I wish I would’ve pursued my deepest desire. I still live with it every single day- please just try it now, try what you are trying to do now- it does not matter if it’s a rough draft, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it figured out, your youth is the best net you will ever have, go for it.” There were maybe 37 of them, having 37 cheerleaders is a blessing, it’s also a lot of voices.

‘Just jump, just go for it,’ I heard them say. I have never been afraid to jump and then I was. The feeling of faith, that scary, dark, grey space makes me feel safe, and then it didn’t. Sometimes the things around you, the people around you can shift your focus and the events that happen in your life can push you further from the truth- from your truth- you can choose to let it divert you away from your calling or you can let it push you closer inward to where you need to be.

At the end of the day, the biggest voice you’ll have is in your heart. One woman told me a story of how long ago she buried her truth in her heart. After losing the love of her life and her children’s father, she could not stand the pain anymore and called it close.

She went running for answers and years later she would find what truly made her happy, at 42. The point is: You may be 30, you may be 40, you may be 72, but you can always turn your life around. Sometimes the tragedy, tear and trauma on the outside can be used to harness the power you have within; the things hidden inside you.

I’m reminded of Taraji P. Henson’s story. When she was 26, she ran to Hollywood, with a baby in one hand and her dreams in the other. Everyone told her she’d fail, that she wouldn’t make it. After years of grinding, 20 years to be exact, she landed Empire {including numerous roles prior}, and her life begin to unfold. It takes time and work, but when we show up in this moment we find we have everything we will ever need, we have all the answers inside of us ready to be unleashed. It will never be the perfect time, the perfect year, the perfect resume, the perfect portfolio, sometimes you just need the perfect amount of courage – any- to start what it is you want to do and keep working on it.

This 2018, I give you my mentors- the women in my life who have shaped me, all 37 of them that said, “just go.” I say, “just go.” I hope you find it in your heart to pursue everything that scares you and excites you all at the same time. I hope you find your way out of doubt and into a place that does not say, ‘I’ve wasted my time,’ but instead

‘It’s time.’

Happy 2018 ❤ May you conquer everything that comes your way.

May you get everything you’ve wished for and more.


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