Why I Quit The Internet and More

A whiles ago, I went totally offline, like no Facebook, no nada. Then for spurts at a time I would delete the Twitter and Instagram apps of my phone. Never in my life did I imagine I would do this, why not? Because Social media is my life; it has granted me some of the biggest opportunities of my life. It’s given me so much and to take it away, honestly made me feel like I got the life knocked out of me.

At first, it was okay. I started talking on the phone more, I started doing yoga and meditating but it wasn’t easy. I could not figure out why my soul wasn’t vibing and I realized how much of my career and life has been based on social media. There are so many people who flooded in to help me on social media, so many relationships and people who I love online but I wasn’t able to see this clearly until I hopped back on line then offline again. The relationships you build here; even if it feels totally in a another world, are real. Online matters. But, don’t make it your whole life.

When I got back online I got terrible anxiety and could not look at a screen without feeling like it was attacking me. It was a very terrible feeling then I learned how addictive our screens can be and how much we rely on them to heal us. We look to them for answers and every single time we feel something, we run towards it; unknowingly. Recently I took a 2 week hiatus off of my phone and computer. I did not email, I rarely texted and I put a hold on my social media.


When I came back, a couple things happened:


  1. Nothing.
  2. My heart felt a little more free. A little less anxiety.
  3. I got clarity in my life; what was important to me and what I want for my own life.
  4. One thing- learning not to respond right away. Taking your time and learning when opportunities are not right. With your screen in front of you, it’s so easy to just ‘take every message and email, but sometimes, it’s not right. It doesn’t vibe with your soul and it’s okay to let it go.
  5. The biggest lesson: We are in thought. I am in thought. I did a ton of yoga and my teacher constantly said, ‘Let go of that thought. It has no relevance and use here, you can think about it after class. For now, we are here.
  6. Live in this moment, it’s all you’ll ever have.
  7. Social media is real. The relationships and people you meet online are magical. I ran into a group of girls at the book store, they all met on Twitter and I was reminded how much and how powerful social media is; I wouldn’t recommend a full hiatus but if you do, tell people. You’ll feel better. And people will understand ‘she’s just taking time off vs. she’s MIA.’ Lesson learned.
  8. We all need a break.  I think social media can be like the new TV, ‘is anything good on today?’ Naw, I’ll watch anyways. Sometimes we don’t need to pay attention to everyone and their highlights. Imagine if our feeds were like walking through the stores…and every single persons life is in front of you; it wouldn’t make sense in the store, and neither does it here.
  9. Since it is here, use others as inspiration but find your own flow.
  10. Let things encourage you, not discourage you.
  11. Pay attention to your own life. This doesn’t mean being selfish, it means taking opportunities that are in front of you. You could meet the man of your dreams but you’re busy looking at your feed and wondering how beautiful someone else’s relationship is; you don’t know what they’re going through. At all.
  12. Be kind to your soul.
  13. The hardest thing for me was constantly feeling like I needed to explain myself or where I’ve been and feeling bad because honestly, everyone here, whether you’re reading this or in some foreign land matters to me; I know how much the internet has changed my life and so I’m back at it again but this time with so much more clarity; this is the blog I wish I would’ve started sooner.

So I hope you’ll join me in this journey of Thursdays, if you have a topic you want me to write about; let me know 🙂

God bless, hope you had a good night, and do comment below if you’ve ever quit the internet / lessons you’ve learned <3.



See you soon,




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