An Oath To Girls: Don’t Apologize

Does she like me? Should I walk this way? Should I go that way? Which way to turn? Should I go downstairs? No I shouldn’t go down there, she may be over there. I watched for days as she tried to navigate her way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

She was fearful, she based her moves on what would keep her safe and out of harms way. ‘Do what causes no disturbance.’ she made her way down the stairs, ‘don’t grab your laptop. Just make your way out the door.’ But she became exhausted. It became hard to navigate. ‘Turn left. No Turn Right. Not too much or they’ll hear you and see the light come on. ‘Not that way. Yes this way. Okay, too much to the left, too little to the right. Don’t go that way. Come this way. Go right, go left. Don’t make that call, there is no one there. There is more in store here, there is more over there. After a while she had enough. ‘I don’t want to do this anymore. She put down her laptop and made her way to the kitchen. I can not live to make you comfortable. I must follow what makes me happy and in turn, all will fall into place. I can’t calculate my steps to make sure I make the right move. There may never be a right move, there may never be a perfect time. All I have is now and that’s all I’ll ever have. I can no longer do what makes you happy, I must do what makes me whole.

Don’t. Just don’t. Step as loud as you need to, bounce, shout and make your way through the crowd. We need you. Don’t base your moves on someone else, they will leave. Find your way to your own groove. Stomp when you want to, yell when you need to. Make your own moves, don’t worry about making someone comfortable. Stomp as you please, please.



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