What makes you happy?

I remember the first time I felt super scared and alone, I learned this trick, almost like magic that said, ‘go somewhere you see light. I remember this trick I learned every single time I felt hurt and afraid, see the good, seek light. Whatever makes you happy and bright, seek light. Go there. Go where there is light. Just go there. You will find all kinds of things. Following your happiness can be scary but it’s the only thing that will ever make you happy and that is ever worth this life. I ask you, where do you see light? If you closed your eyes, maybe it is dark tonight, where do you see light? What makes you happy? What makes you jump with joy? What makes you scream and what makes you say, ‘FINALYYYYY!!’ without thinking about what others will think, ‘what makes you jump with joy? And gets you excited about this land? What makes you happy? Go there. Go where you find light. Follow the light, there is promise there.

Sometimes if you grow up in households where you aren’t allowed to share the things you’re going through it can be tricky to want to do anything. You feel like you’re without an outlet and so you keep things in. You keep your gifts, your talents, your true worth and talent in and locked. But that’s not healthy, you’re meant to feel things, you’re meant to express yourself, you’re meant to say, ‘that hurt, I’m hurt but I’m gonna keep flowing.’ Just because you cry, just cause your feelings go all out doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t make you scary, it doesn’t make you a coward, having an open heart that feels her way through life and finds what’s right for her is not weakness, it’s perhaps the most powerful thing you can do. Life moves on, don’t let your feelings consume you but let them draw you closer to your light, closer to your true self ❤


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