Don’t hang around them: Don’t touch it

When I was younger I remember something terrible happening to my best friend and hearing all day how this decision would haunt me. I remember getting so much flames and fire for the choices she made until one day my grandma finally said, ‘you’re not hanging out with her anymore.’ I was devastated and hurt but she said, ‘if you hang out with her, you’ll be just like her.’ I didn’t care. She was a good person. I loved her, she was my friend after all but then I learned what my grandma meant.

Years later I found myself in some more trouble, tricky relationships and not the most positive people. ‘I wanted to help’ but after a while it sort of made me sink, deeper and deeper and I learned, heavy cargo won’t make your ship sail, it’ll make it sink, go slower. You can’t chug ahead if you’re carrying a load that’s seven fold. You can help another ship sail if you yourself have seen the waters, it’ll help them navigate it much easier. If you’re around negative, be positive.  I wanted to write this post just because I think some of us our sad not because we ourselves are sad but because we are around sad things and sad people. If you want to change your life, change who you are around.

It is not your sadness that is making you sad. It’s not your battle, it’s not your hurt, it’s not your harm. It is what is around you; and in that you’ll find you are none of it. You are not the things that bring you down. You are not the destruction and negative energy around you; you are the good within you.

See it to see the good in you. No matter how many negative people try to tear you down, always remember you are the good that is within you. You are the good within you. You are the good within you ❤


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