I’m going’ back back to Cali, cali’

Not really, but I’m going to figure out a way to do things that I love more often and going back to my roots; which means more entrepreneurialism.  I’ve been an entrepreneur even before I knew how to spell that word. I’ve always built stuff, I enjoy it, it makes me happy. It’s what I do and love to do. I love to help people build things and I know I’m good at it, but recently after running my own start up I started to work full time and I felt like a complete fish out of water, drowning. I’m not good at rules, or flows or process or perfection; I don’t believe it exists and when you get out of that environment you’ll see how the birds fly without a care in the world and yet the are fed and loved. That’s how I feel about life; it’s to figure out. Things happen along the way and if you live with a constant need to fix things and have them figured out; you miss out on so much life. This blog is one of my efforts at getting back to who I know I am. Sometimes you lose yourself and you’re not sure how or why or what happened but you have to get back up and continue to fight and find your way to your heart and the things you love, for at the end of the day you’ll find there is nothing more in store then your two big toes. You’re not the things you wear, you’re not the things you buy, you’re not any of that, but what is in your soul. You are beauty even if you don’t have it all figured out yet; there is more in store of for you.


P.S. I love that you guys are following along and love to hear from you; if you’ve been following some of these posts; can you let me know, what do you like about them? How can I improve? What can I do better? Let me know! Would love to hear from you!



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