He Replaced Her that Day

I overheard something recently about a coworker who replaced someone and everyone in their office was really sad. She showed up and she wasn’t sure why or what had happen, then suddenly she got word that the guy she replaced passed away. She was confused, hurt and really lost. I sat there and listened as they talked about it and I looked up, then down again. ‘One day you will die’ but you spend your whole life here slaving away at this place and the minute you die, on Monday they bring someone new. I looked all over and I wondered where I was, on Monday, he died on Friday. How? How in the world? I wanted to question everything in that moment. But all I could think about was when you were born, you were born as you, there was something inside of you that you were meant to do and there was a seed inside of you that you were destined to be. If you were you, you can not replace you. Beyond your job, at your gave when you die, no one is going to come with a shovel and say, ‘my goodness, time to replace you; it’s impossible. Impossible. It is impossible to replace you and what you came here to do when you walk in your destiny. Remember that as you walk into your day, if you were not afraid, who would you be? What would you do? If you were not scared, if you didn’t rely on anyone to tell you who you should be, who would you be? What would you do? Are you happy with what you see?

Where could you never be replaced? Follow that calling deep down inside. That is who you are meant to be.


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