I thought about it

I thought about it today.

I had someone say, ‘ I want to make music but I don’t know how.’ ‘Have you wrote a song I replied? Have you tried writing one song?’ No but I thought about it this morning, I thought about it last night, and this morning I thought about this blog post. I thought about it for three hours, I then thought about it some more. In fact you can think about it all day. You can think about it all year, but it will still not be done. It will never be done until you finally do it. Have you thought about what you wanted to do today? please this is your sign, just do it.

1 thing done today is better than 7 years of thinking about it, because it will never get done.

Please do that dream you have in your heart. Even if it’s just one piece. Just try it.

Unless it’s an act of terror, drugs or violence…please don’t hurt anyone.


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