You Can’t Keep Running

When I was little and I was bullied for the first time, I learned something, not everyone is going to have to have your back and when they don’t, you’ll have to change your mind. I wanted to run and hide so bad like so many times in my life but I didn’t have the money. We couldn’t move schools, we had to face it. As I got older, I learned bullying doesn’t stop, it doesn’t go away but you learn to navigate your thoughts about your life; you can’t run. The day I got a tiny bit of money, and I say this honestly, I took off. I ran and I ran and I ran and I found, running solves nothing if the problem, person or issue is still on your mind. It does nothing to solve or the hurt or experience you face; it does nothing to help you if the bully is still on your mind, you must face it and change your mind about yourself and your perspective. Every single time you want to vanish and fade and run away, face it. Tell them, tell the monsters in your mind that you are better, that you will rise and that there are better days ahead. Do not run from darkness, face it. It can not defeat you unless you let it. You must navigate your mind in order to navigate your life.

Be tall today, stand from the inside. Know that you are greater than the wars you wage in your mind.


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