Your Passion needs an Outlet, Period.

You’re not designed to stay in a box. You’re not designed to be one thing, you’re not designed to stay inside or stay in one place. You’re not designed to follow others’ leads. No one on planet earth is designed to be like anyone else. That’s why you need an outlet for all your passion. All your fears, anxieties, stresses, hurt and pain need an outlet that can help you out. You need pages, you need a place where you can put your energy, be it in dance, it plays, on a stage, somewhere. We are all designed with a gift inside of us and in order to let that out and let it shine, we need places where we can put this energy. We need to put it somewhere, we need it to shine so we can live our full truth but first we need to put that energy somewhere.

We need a place for our calling to shine. If you are angry, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, know that that is just energy waiting to be unleashed. Everything you do is a result of the energy inside of you. If you’re mad, that’s energy and passion. If you’re hurt, that’s energy and passion. If you’re afraid, that’s energy and passion. Whatever you are, just find a place to put that passion.


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