Going Away: Times 10

Sometimes God will move things out of our lives for a reason; we may not see it at first but eventually we will and we will thank him for it. One day, like yesterday, I was waiting for an opportunity so bad. I waited and I waited and I waited and I waited and it never came. I was so eager, so adamant, I was supposed to hear back from the organization on Tuesday and I never did. I had a call with them and I was so excited. I waited in anticipation for so long. I waited and I waited. Day and night and it never came back. It feels like waiting for someone to call or waiting for a package to arrive and it never comes. It feels like having a due date on a baby and it never arrives into the world. I wondered why for so long; why didn’t it come? They said Monday and yet, nothing. Nothing at all. I waited for so long. I stayed up; I thought about it, I fantasized about it, I worried about it. I thought about it all night and day; it hurt so bad. I really believed them. I sat in disbelief, it was so promising, then I started talking to God. God will they call? ‘No’ a voice rang back.’ ‘They will not call.’ I wondered why, what had I done. ‘What happened? ‘Maybe tomorrow I said, ‘two days from now?’ A voice rang back immediately, ‘no!’ My gut, just kept saying ‘they are not going to call.’ I said, ‘maybe tomorrow they’ll call?’  Three days passed and no call. Nothing at all. I was devastated. How? I was looking forward to it so much.


Nothing. I was tarnished, thrown, I wanted to throw my body on the sofa hoping for a ring. ‘Ring?’ Nope, nothing. ‘Hello?’ But something else started to whisper, ‘they forgot to save your number during the event, God got their phone stolen; there is no real way to get a hold of you.’ Another voice told me something happened, God put in their life a broken phone, a mistake that caused them no way to contact you because it was not for you. Not even an hour later I ran into someone at another workshop who presented an opportunity that was 10 times better than the first. I was so excited and they called twice in one day and offered me an opportunity within 2 days. I didn’t see the lesson at first but slowly looking back I saw, sometimes people are put in our life for a reason; to whisper truth to us but sometimes they are not meant to stay. Sometimes when we lose something so bad, we keep looking at the loss that we don’t see the blessing we got instead, we don’t see the gift that we’ve been given as a result of that loss. What we lose is never a loss, it is never a blow. It is merely another door to where we need to go. Next time you’re worried about why something didn’t work out, why someone didn’t call; always remember God may have put something in their life so they don’t call, so they don’t come back, a way to save you from something you think is good for you but God has something 10 times better. Don’t beat yourself up over something that may have not been for you. Keep going and Always remember this as you walk about your day.


Whatever you lost, you will get times 10. Keep going.


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